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Bremi’s belts are tought and made from the highest quality materials

 we pay attention to the smallest details and design

 we always follow the latest trends

 for over 30 years we meet our local and foreign customer’s expectations

we use the latest technology during the production process


We are a leading manufacturer of belts for trousers for over 30 years. We gained this status by using our experience in production of high quality products, knowledge of our customers expectations and innovative technology which allows us to constantly grow and gain the trust of new clients nationally and overseas. We only use highest quality materials, which make our belts reliable, glamorous and best fit for both men and women.

BREMI became a well-known brand, thanks to our respect for tradition and craft, following the latest trends in fashion and our passion for creating extraordinary things. Among our clients are men and women in different age, working in different professions and having distinct interests. However they have one thing in common, they all look for high-quality and affordable products. This is exactly what you can find in our offer.

Men’s leather belts

We manufacture men’s belts from the highest quality materials. In our offer you can find some classic and elegant designs as well as casual models available in different colors and finishes. We guarantee a wide choice of tough belts at attractive prices.

Webbed belts

Our webbed belts are made from thick cotton material, which is wear and tear resistant. Specially designed buckle ensure smooth adjustments. We offer different models in couple different colors.

Officer’s and military belts

Military belts are associated with durability, which is what marks our products. Made out of thicker, stiff type of leather with additional  reinforcements, our military belts can be trusted in any situation.

Children’s belts

We used best efforts to make sure that our belts will be comfortable and safe for children. Thoughtful solutions, neat finishing touches and attention to details, allowed us to create one of their kind belts for your child.

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